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Demise Charter Registration

Cayman offers both Demise Charter-Out and Demise Charter-In vessel registration.

A qualified demise charterer may register a ship under a flag that more easily facilitates commercial operations and is different from the Flag where it was originally registered. Matters relating to title, mortgage and other proprietary interests will still be subject to the Law of the original registry (chartering-out Flag). However, for operational purposes, the nationality of the ship becomes that of the Flag where the charterer registers it (chartering-in Flag). Preferential financing and other conditions may be available on the initial register.

Demise (bareboat) charter registration in Cayman is usually for a fixed period of 2 years or more. Under special circumstances, a shorter period may be permitted with approval from the Director. The Cayman Islands Shipping Law also includes a provision for Demise (Bareboat) Chartering-Out and for Sub-Demise Chartering, under appropriate circumstances.