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This section contains information on advice and guidance available from the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands. Detailed information is given on the functions of the Shipping Master, the investigation of marine casualties, CIRIS and Port State Control in the Cayman Islands.

Shipping Notices

Notice No:
Issue of Endorsements Attesting to the Recognition of a Certificate of Competency
Notice No:
Notice of Fees and Charges
Notice No:
2017_03_CISN (Rev 1.1)
Cayman Islands Shipping Registry Yacht Engaged In Trade (YETS)
Notice No:
List of qualifying countries in which companies, other entities or individuals can qualify to own a Cayman Flag Vessel
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Guidance Notes

Note No.:
CIGN 01/2019 (Rev. 1.0)
Red Ensign Group (REG) Yacht Code Part A - Large Yacht Code (up to 12 passengers) Retrospective Requirements from 1st January 2019
Note No.:
CIGN 04/2017 (Rev 1.1)
Contacting The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands and The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry
Note No.:
CIGN 03/2018
Verification of SEEMP Part II 'Ship Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection Plan'
Note No.:
CIGN 02/2018 (Rev 1.0)
Recognition of Ship's Cooks on Cayman Islands Vessels
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CIRIS stands for Cayman Islands Regulatory Intelligence System, which comprises two unique products. The first of these is Law and Administrative Procedures (LAP). LAP enables Masters and Officers serving on Cayman Islands ships to undergo an examination to demonstrate proficiency in Cayman Islands Laws and Procedures. The second product of CIRIS is Regulatory Intelligence, which includes a variety of important information to support the operation of vessels flying the Cayman Islands Flag.

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