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Flag Cayman

Qualifying Vessel

Where applicable, determining whether the vessel itself qualifies based on its safety record (a less onerous regime is used for pleasure yachts in private use but a declaration that the yacht is not to be engaged in trade, is also required).  Additionally, establishing whether the vessel name is available and qualifies for registration with Cayman.

Qualifying Ownership

Establishing whether the owner is bona-fide and qualifies to own a Cayman-flagged vessel, depending on the ownership structure and list of qualifying countries. Determining whether this owner has legal title and that there are no pre-existing conditions prohibiting the vessel being registered with Cayman.

Local Representative (Cayman)

An owner may act in registration matters on his own behalf or may appoint an authorised person to do so. If the owner (individual or body corporate) is not resident on-island then a resident representative person must also be appointed by the owner.

Documentation and Fees

Submission of the forms, supporting documentation and fees. Some aspects of this process will vary dependent on the vessel’s type, size and its proposed use.

Carving and Marking

All vessels registered under Cayman are required to be marked with its Port of Registry, Official Number and Net Tonnage (for vessels 24 metres and over) or Register Tonnage (for vessels under 24 metres) within 21 days of the issue date of the vessel’s Certificate of British Registry.