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Authorised or local Representative Person (Cayman)

A vessel owner (or joint-owners) may appoint an authorised party to act on their behalf.

The reference title assigned by the Shipping Registry to such an authorised party depends on the appointment form that is used. The authorised party is referred to as an Authorised Person if appointed under form CISR 855, or as a Representative Person if appointed under form CISR 856 Section 3. The Representative Person would then accept their appointment by making a declaration under form CISR 856 Section 4.

In the case of joint-ownership of a vessel, through Power of Attorney, one of these owners may be appointed to act on behalf of the collective body as an Authorised Person. This individual would need to be appointed through form CISR 855.

Additionally, the appointment of a Representative Person does not impact an owner’s right to deal directly with the Registry as an individual owner or through an Authorised Person.

Representative Persons Requirements

Type of Owner Owner On-Island Representative Person (RP) Remarks
Individual Owner Yes Not required  
Joint Owners Yes Not required  
Company or Shipping Entity Owned Yes Not required  
Individual Owner No Shall appoint A Single owner can act on his own behalf but must also appoint a Representative Person.
Joint Owners No Shall appoint  
Company or Shipping Entity Owned No Shall appoint  

Methods of Appointment of Representative Person

Type of Appointment Instrument(s) of Apmt Apmt Under Form CISR 856 Section 3 Remarks
Representative Person (RP) Yes Yes Must be on-Island. Can be same person as an Authorised Person but functions are separate.

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