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Types of Vessel Registration


An outright registration of a vessel and receipt of a Certificate of British Registry. Issuance of the certificate is incumbent upon the completion and submission of all Registration Forms, Supporting Documentation, and the payment of required Fees.

In order to get full registration, a newly constructed vessel must meet the requirements to sail under the Cayman flag at the time of its completion.


Available during the course of a transfer of ownership regarding a “foreign” owned and flagged ship transferring to an individual who is qualified to own a Cayman vessel and who intends to register the vessel in Cayman.


Cayman may issue a Term Certificate of British Registry in cases where the Registry is not yet in possession of the Certificate of Survey.  This “one-time” Certificate is valid for up to 90 days with no extension provisions.

Under Construction

Vessels that are under construction and any related mortgages.

Demise (Bareboat) Charter

Demise Charter-Out and Demise Charter-In vessel registration.