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Cayman Registryおよびケイマン諸島の海事サービスに関連する申請書および資料。以下のカテゴリーから、お探しの申請書/書類をご確認ください。


Vessel Name Proposal and Reservation - CISR 854
Appointment of an Authorised Person - CISR 855
To appoint an authorised person
Vessel Registration in Cayman: To apply for vessel registration (multi-section form) - CISR 856
Application for Miscellaneous Services To apply for services other than first-time registration - CISR 857
Record of Lifeboats, Tenders and Other Appurtenances : To apply for vessel registration (multi-section form) - CISR 856
Master's Limited Trade Declaration for Yacht Engaged in Trade (YET)


Law & Administrative Procedures (LAP) Manual
Law & Administrative Procedures (LAP) Manual Q&A
Manning Policy Manual Yachts engaged in trade 24m and over
The (Ship) Master's Handbook Rev 2
The Yachtmaster's Handbook
Application for Cayman Islands Endorsement
Seaman's Discharge Book (SDB) Application
Safe Manning Application (Ships)
Safe Manning Application (Yacht)
IMO Resolution A.1047(27) - Principles of Minimum Safe Manning Resolution A.1047(27) Adopted on 30 November 2011 (Agenda item 9) PRINCIPLES OF MINIMUM SAFE MANNING
List of Crew for Cayman Islands Registered Ships
Qualification as a Ship's Cook Recognition Application
A Guide on the Impact of Changes in Yacht Details to certificates and documentation Rev 2.6


Request for the Issue of a Continuous Synopsis Record


Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) - Part I
Model Cayman Islands Seafarer Employment Agreement
Form 3906: MLC Compliant Medical Report Form


MACI Payment Methods


Application for MACI Overseas Scholarship
Criteria for Annual Maritime Scholarship
Maritime Scholarship Brochure
Maritime Scholarship Flyer
Medical Form
Overseas Scholarships: Advice for Applying


Cayman Maritime Employment Application
Cayman Maritime Employment Application
Client Satisfation Survey
Company Contact Details
Notice of assignment of responsibilities under the ISM Code