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Master's Limited Trade Declaration for Yacht Engaged in Trade (YET)
Appointment of an Authorised Person To appoint an authorised person
Vessel Name Proposal and Reservation
Record of Lifeboats, Tenders and Other Appurtenances
Vessel Registration in Cayman To apply for vessel registration (multi-section form)
Application for Miscellaneous Services To apply for services other than first-time registration


Endorsement Application
Seaman's Discharge Book (SDB) Application
Safe Manning Application (Ships)
Safe Manning Application (Yacht)
IMO Resolution A.1047(27) - Principles of Minimum Safe Manning Resolution A.1047(27) Adopted on 30 November 2011 (Agenda item 9) PRINCIPLES OF MINIMUM SAFE MANNING
The Ship Master's Guide
The Yachtmaster's Handbook
List of Crew for Cayman Islands Registered Ships
Qualification as a Ship's Cook Recognition Application
A guide on the impact of changes in yacht details to certificates and documentation


Request for the Issue of a Continuous Synopsis Record


Form 3906: MLC Compliant Medical Report Form
Model Cayman Islands Seafarer Employment Agreement
Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) - Part I


Payment Methods


Maritime Scholarship Brochure
Criteria for Annual Maritime Scholarship
Application for MACI Overseas Scholarship
Overseas Scholarships: Advice for Applying
Medical Form
Maritime Scholarship Flyer


Cayman Maritime Employment Application
Company Contact Details
Notice of assignment of responsibilities under the ISM Code