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A Cayman Islands Global Network (CIGnet) account provides access to MACI's online services. It will handle user identity management and provide authentication and authorisation services, ensuring that users are who they claim to be and that they have the right to access a specific service, and single credentials so that users can have one username and password for use with all online services.


If you do not have a CIGnet account, register for an account now. 


Once registered simply enrol for online services on the MACI site as they become available.

What do I do if I've forgotten my CIGnet username?
Remember, your username defaults to the email address that you entered. If you still don't recall your username please contact Client Relationships.


Can I change my CIGnet username or password?
You cannot change your username but you can change your password . You'll need to log in using your existing username and password and will then be prompted to enter and confirm your new password. Once changed your new password will be effective immediately.

Is CIGnet secure?
All information that you send and receive is transmitted through a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer connection (SSL). SSL creates a secure link between your browser and our server. You will always know when you are using a secure connection because a padlock icon is displayed on the status bar of your browser. SSL also encrypts data and guarantees that it is not altered between your computer and our server