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MACI Offers Training to Shipping Sector

Shipping industry partners found themselves better informed with regards to industry procedures and practices after attending training sessions put on by the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI) earlier this month.

The training entailed an introduction to the MACI’s services, new Vessel Registration requirements, and a better understanding of the Virtual Office Environment, an interactive website, currently a work in progress at the MACI.

The training was geared towards members of the Maritime Sector Consultative Committee (MSCC), an advisory team primarily made up of legal professionals who offer ship and yacht registration services within the Cayman Islands. The seminar also catered to personnel from firms represented by the MSCC who are new to the Shipping process.

Mrs. Sian Pairaudeau, Head of Human Resources and Administration at the MACI, concluded that the meetings were a success and stated: “Sessions such as these not only serve to demonstrate good partnership between the MACI and its affiliates, these are also the types of programmes that will enable the industry players to widen their knowledge base, thereby continuing to give Cayman’s shipping sector a competitive edge globally.”

The training sessions are the first of a series at the MACI. The programme is expected to continue over the course of the upcoming year.


For further information contact: Corporate Communications