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Cayman Islands Number 1 on the ‘White List’ of Paris Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Port State Control


Date of Issue:  20 June 2017

The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, a division of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands, has been listed as Number 1 on the ‘White List’ in the 2016 Annual Report Paris MOU on Port State Control (PSC).  This is also the twelfth consecutive year that the Cayman Islands has remained on the ‘White List.’ 

The Paris MoU on PSC is an administrative agreement between twenty-seven Maritime Authorities.  It deals mainly with enforcement of safety of life at sea, prevention of pollution by ships, and living and working conditions on board ships.

Each Maritime Administration is rated on the performance of the ships flying its flag during Port State Control inspections.  Those Maritime Administrations with the lowest detention ratios are assigned the highest rankings on the Paris MOU ‘White List.’  

The Cayman Islands is also ‘White Listed’ and rated as ‘Low Risk’ in all major international ports as per the Port State Control Memoranda of Understanding (including the Paris and Tokyo MOU), demonstrating an excellent ship safety and pollution prevention record. The Cayman Islands also qualifies under the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Qualship 21 Programme which recognizes and rewards vessels, their owners and flag administrations for their commitment to safety and quality.

Mr. A. Joel Walton, CEO of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands stated “The achievement of being Number 1 Paris MOU Whitelist reflects the commitment of all Cayman Islands Shipping Registry’s staff and management, along with the Ministry of Financial Services and Home Affairs (FSHA) and the Board of the Maritime Authority.  This recognition reflects their continued commitment and dedication to maintaining an outstanding safety and quality record for the Cayman flag. Being Number 1 on the Whitelist brings confidence and security to both the owners of Cayman Islands ships, and the seafarers who serve on them.”

The Honourable Minister Tara Rivers of FSHA has also added “we are very pleased to again be valued as one of the world’s leading flags as we continue to strive towards excellence.  I congratulate our team on upholding these standards every day and ensuring that ship-owners can carry the Cayman flag with pride.”