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Crew Documentation

The Crew Compliance section of the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) is responsible for issuing requisite documentation to seafarers for service on a Cayman Islands ship.

This section also issues the Minimum Safe Manning Document (MSMD) to ships. Crew Documentation Centres are located in George Town (Cayman Islands), Southampton (UK), Fort Lauderdale (USA), Valbonne (France), Singapore (Singapore) and Athens (Greece).  These centres can be contacted by emailing Crew Compliance.

Cayman Islands Endorsements are issued to certified masters and officers to recognise the Certificates of Competency they hold.  Officers of any nationality may serve on a Cayman Islands ship if they hold a Certificate of Competency issued by an Administration recognised by the CISR.  The current list of recognised Administrations can be found in the latest revision of Shipping Notice 05/2011.

Seafarer Discharge Books (SDBs) are issued to any bona fide seafarer serving, or wishing to serve, on a Cayman Islands ship.  The SDB creates a record of the seafarer’s sea service, but is not a Seafarer Identity Document issued in accordance with the ILO Seafarer’s Identity Documents Convention, 1958 (C108 as revised by C185).

In accordance with Chapter V of the SOLAS Convention, Minimum Safe Manning Documents are issued to all ships which are subject to Chapter I of that Convention or to the Large Yacht and Passenger Yacht Codes.

Fees for crew documentation services can be found here.