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George Town, Grand Cayman



Cayman Registry is proud to have been recognized for the 11th consecutive year on the United States Coast Guard’s (USCG) Quality Shipping for the 21st Century Program (QUALSHIP 21) list; a testament to the high-quality vessels flying the Cayman Islands Flag.

To be recognized for an excellent Port State Control (PSC) record by the QUALSHIP 21 Program is an incredible accomplishment, especially with the extraordinary challenges COVID-19 has presented over the last year. It demonstrates the combined commitment of the Cayman Registry’s hard-working teams keeping operations running smoothly, along with vessel owners and operators, to the safety and quality of vessels flying the Cayman Islands flag.

The criteria for inclusion on the program are very strict and only a small percentage of all foreign-flagged vessels that operate in the United States (U.S.) have earned the QUALSHIP 21 designation. The program is based upon data from PSC inspections in the U.S. and is the USCG’s effort to eliminate substandard shipping and focus on improving methods to identify poor-quality vessels. The QUALSHIP 21 Program is designed to recognize and reward vessels, their owners and operators along with their Flag Administrations for the combined commitment to the safety and quality of their vessels.

In a letter to the Cayman Registry, J.T. Boyle, Commander U.S. Coast Guard Chief, Port State Control Division By Direction stated "I would like to congratulate the Cayman Islands on its qualification for continuance in the United States Coast Guard's Quality Shipping for the 21st Century (QUALSHIP 21) Program. Your commitment to quality shipping was evident as merchant vessels flagged by your registry that called on U.S. Ports have compiled an excellent Port State Control record in the past three calendar years. As a result, your Administration's three-year detention percentage is below the 1.0% threshold that is required for inclusion into the QUALSHIP21 Program."

The QUALSHIP 21 ended the calendar year 2020 with an enrollment of 3,283 vessels. For the period of July 2021 through June 30, 2022, there are 23 eligible Flag Administrations with five previously qualified flag administrations losing their QUALSHIP 21 eligibility over this past year.

The USCG implemented the QUALSHIP 21 initiative to identify high-quality vessels and provide incentives to encourage quality operations. They identify the characteristics of a typical “quality” vessel as being associated with a well-run company, being classed by an organization with a quality track record, being registered with a Flag Administrator with a superior PSC record, and as having an outstanding PSC history in U.S. waters. For a flag state to qualify, their detention ratio must be less than 1.0% over the last three-year period.

“Maintaining its position on QUALSHIP 21 for the 11th consecutive year demonstrates the dedication of the Cayman Islands to quality shipping.” said Mr. A. Joel Walton, CEO of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (parent organization of the Cayman Registry). "It is with the partnerships that have been build between the Cayman Regisrty, shipowners, managers and local providers that we have been able to achieve this incredible accomplishment," he continued " and I would liek to thank them for their continued outstanding efforts. We have been able to work together, even in the most challenging of circumstances, to maintain an outstanding safety and quality record for the Cayman Flag."

The status is reviewed by the USCG annually and the names of QUALSHIP 21 ships are posted on the USCG’s website.


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