Issuance of Certificate of British Registry and Carving and Marking Note

The relevant Certificate of British Registry will be issued once all documentation and fees have been received.

In addition, a Carving and Marking (C&M) Note will be issued which will specify how the vessel is to be marked.  Once a vessel is properly marked, an authorised surveyor will verify this by signing and returning the C&M Note to the Registrar within 21 days.  If the vessel is under 24 meters, the verification may be done by the captain or authorised person(s). The completed C&M Note may be submitted electronically within the allotted 21 days, however the original should be returned within 7 days thereafter.

Less than 24 meters the vessel is marked with the Official Number and Registered Tonnage.

Over 24 meters the vessel is marked with the Official Number, Net Tonnage and IMO (Ship’s Identification Number).

The above must be carved onto a plate that is permanently affixed to the vessel's main beam or other main structural member where it is clearly visible. The vessel’s name must be marked on each of its bows, and both name and port of registry (e.g. George Town) must be marked on the vessel’s stern. On pleasure yachts, the vessel's name is not required to be marked on each of the bows, one marking on the vessel’s stern is sufficient.