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To complete full registration the following supporting documentation is required to be submitted to Cayman -

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Supporting Documentation


For questions regarding documentation contact Client Relationships.

For third party help contact Private Sector Maritime Services Providers.


An Original (or certified copy) of a Builder's Certificate. This applies to a new-build where title is being transferred from the builder to the first owner; or,

An Original (or certified copy) of the Bill of Sale. Where the vessel is not a new-build or where a new-build passes through an intermediary, for example, through a dealer. An original Bill of Sale is required for a Transfer of Ownership.

Good Standing

An Original (or a certified copy) Cayman Islands Certificate of Good Standing for vessels owned by either a Cayman Islands company or shipping entity. Where the owning body is incorporated outside of the Cayman Islands then proof of its good standing in accordance with the Laws of that jurisdiction is required. For vessels that are owned by an individual or jointly-owned by individuals then a certified (or notarised) copy of the individual’s or individuals’ passport pages that shows the individual or joint-owners’ picture, nationality, and signature, is required.

Certificate of Survey

This Certificate is not strictly speaking a “survey” document but it contains the tonnage and other particulars of the vessel which will be entered in the Register therefore registration cannot normally proceed without it. Arrangements for the issue of the Certificate of Survey are made between the Owner (or representative) and 1 of the 7 authorised Classification Societies or with a Cayman Surveyor. It is in the Owner’s interest to provide as much information as is available regarding the vessel’s tonnage and particulars.

Tonnage Certificate

For Existing Vessels: A copy of the International Tonnage Certificate for all vessels 24 metres or more issued under the Tonnage Convention by the current Flag or a “national” Tonnage Certificate for all vessels less than 24 metres, issued under the respective national legislation of the current Flag.

It will be necessary for Cayman to issue an International Tonnage Certificate but the Tonnage Convention allows a 3-month window for its re-issue after a change of Flag, and a similar window is applied to National Tonnage Certificates from another Flag and also to the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR). Copies of all of the other Convention or statutory Certificates (such as Load Line, MARPOL, SOLAS) may be provided as information to assist the registration process but are not mandatory as these Certificates become invalid upon change of Flag. The submission to Cayman of copies of these certificates will however greatly facilitate the change to Cayman, particularly in the context of completing the Flag-in surveys. These copies would include the Company Document of Compliance under the ISM Code for an existing Company already operating a ship or ships of the type being registered and an International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) certificate for all oil tankers over 150 GT and for all other vessels over 400 GT.

Note: Where the vessel is being transferred from another flag then the losing flag’s tonnage certificates (as appropriate to the size of the vessel) are acceptable in the interim if the Cayman registration is completed within 90 days of the vessel’s deletion date from the losing flag.

For New-builds: The applicable tonnage certificate if available or preliminary information from the ship-yard is acceptable, pending a certificate being issued by Class or by Cayman at flag-in.