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To ensure that all vessels are sufficiently, efficiently and safely manned with properly trained and certified personnel Cayman issues a Minimum Safe Manning Document (Certificate) (MSMD) under provisions of Chapter V (Safety of Navigation) of SOLAS 1974 as amended, to all ships to which Chapter I of SOLAS applies.

For pleasure yachts engaged in trade, the MSMD is issued in accordance with the Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY2) as an internationally acceptable equivalence.

A MSMD is issued for each vessel as follows:

  • Merchant Vessels over 500 GT (mandatory)
  • Merchant Vessels under Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety Code (mandatory)
  • Pleasure yachts holding a Certificate of Compliance with the Large Yacht Code (mandatory)

Note: Pleasure yachts not certified under the Large Yacht code may be issued guidance by MACI, upon request.